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Sanarti has pioneered and led the development of Solid State LED lighting products and fail safe products in India, We are an integral part of the saving-energy movement since decades replacing old and inefficient technologies. Sanarti is still bringing light to your world. We are developing new lighting technologies such as light-emitting diodes that operate with more efficiency, less cost and less environmental impact than ever before.


Sanarti is solely responsible for ending the Kerosene Oil Era on the Indian Railways. With the R&D of the organization being complimented and honoured with a National Award from the President of India in 1992 it was certain that Sanarti will revolutionalize the Indian Railways and make a mark in the country as the first Organization to start the LED revolution.


The group was Approved & registered way back in 1998 for “Solar Power Generating Systems” and LED lighting with supplies & Installation/O&M contracts for over 50,000 Solar LED Lighting Units over the period of 1998-2003 much before the inception of MNRE. We are providing both Centralised & Stand Alond Solar Solutions for LED lighting in Rural as well as Urban India.


Sanarti Group has made significant headway in the field of Indoor and Outdoor LED Lightinghaving an installation base of 10,00,000(One Million) LED Luminaires with PAN INDIA Presence. Although bulk sales have been to various Govt agencies private sector is also appreciating the quality and the cost competitiveness of Snarti LED Lighting products.


The group is a integral part of the movement for saving energy & building maintenance free systems since years. Current focus areas include.

  1. Setting up a solar PV Power Plants in Northern India to be operational as per JNNSM.

  2. Integrating solar energy with solid state Lighting projects to give back to Mother Nature with the best energy solution and saving energy in Lighting applications.

  3. Setting up a Biomass Plant in India with zero carbon cycle and efficient power generation.